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Conserve cash with laptop subscriptions - and an extra SGD 50 off

Circular makes it easy for consumers and startups to access the devices they need

Hire independent contractors / full-time employees with 20% and 15% off respectively

Deel Supports payroll and compliance built for the worldwide workforce

10% off Deskimo billings upon creating "Deskimo for Business" account for the first six months

Deskimo provides an on-demand solutions to 40+ professional workplaces and pay per minute

Manage all your business payments: 3 months of premium plan for free

Spenmo is a cloud-based platform that facilitates end-to-end accounts payable management
Equity Management

Digitalize your cap tables, stock options, and investments free for one year (worth SGD 800)

QuotaBook is an all-in-one equity management solution for startups and investors

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